Creative Writing

Eating Right Made Simple



You wanna feel good but you’re eating grease and junk,

You’re gonna end up in a gut-cramping funk.

Tryna to eat right, though, is such a chore and

Chewing on broccoli can be a real bore.

What you really need are more healthy choices

And to stop paying ’tention to them lying voices

Saying Doritos healthy and SlimJims are natural—

You gotta step back and find a good, healthy vegetable.

Them fruits, too, can get you straightened out,

’Cause vitamins and fiber are what it’s all about.

Hit the produce section with your list in hand,

Nanners apples, avocados all part of the plan.

Slice ’em up nice and spread ’em out on some plates

And don’t forget to add them plump juicy grapes.

But I’m craving me some meat, you may be thinking,

Just grab a T-Bone steak but make sure it ain’t stinking.

Those packages you find in the grocery store?

They gonna be packed with chemicals galore.

Gotta read those labels to see what’s inside and

The ones you can’t pronounce you shouldn’t abide.

Make a big ’ol salad, here’s what to put in:

Romaine lettuce and spinach is where you begin.

Look around and find crispy celery too,

With carrots, olives, radishes and a few

Of them little bitty maters gonna taste so fine,

Top it all off with a glass of red wine!

Don’t drink too much, though, it’s bad for your liver.

But the anti-oxidants are arrows in your quiver.

When you have a glass or two, even beer’s okay—

Just wait till after five, at the end of the day.

That’s it in a nutshell but there’s more you can do:

The bonus is cheese, you know, it’s good for you!

Grate it on a salad, melt it on some broccolee,

If you don’t like that, you can pass it on to me.

Grill a fat burger and lay a slice right on top.

Meat, cheese, and veggies when they’re real ain’t slop!

Keep it authentic, that’s what you wanna do,

Make it simple, make it real if you know what’s good for you.

Here are two more things that I just gotta say:

Sugar ’n’ white flour can really ruin your day,

And all your days to follow if you do ’em too much.

Go for whole grain and you won’t be out of touch.

Soft drinks, sweet tea, and them Little Debbie pies

Put the jelly on your belly and the jiggle on your thighs.

Eating right and healthy should be a daily choice.

That’s all I gotta say—you done heard my food wrap voice!

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