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The mantra above doesn’t apply exclusively to me. Everyone performs the first three actions on a daily basis in one form or another. We may write novels, we may write tweets, or we may compose romantic messages to our sweethearts. We may teach college students, our own kids, or our co-workers. We may fix websites, Ford engines, or supper. Hopefully we learn from our various WTF processes. We are privileged in that we get to repeat the sequence until we’re called away. I suspect we’ll continue even then.

As you might have imagined, I’ll be doing some self-promotion here but hopefully in an entertaining way that will provide useful content, especially if you’re interested in the craft of creative writing. Please remember that I’m available for writing workshops and readings. I also offer editing services and manuscript consultations.

My fiction collection, Make It Right: A Novella and Eight Stories, is now available! Purchase here with your PayPal account or through the retail links below:

Make It Right: A Novella and Eight Stories

The characters in these stories are defined by bad choices that reverberate, resulting in multigenerational damage. Realistic landscapes are strewn with wreckage. Each story—through people, places, and conflicts we recognize—asks, how can this mess be fixed? Readers will want to dig for answers, and those who look for rays of hope will find them. They are the ones who can eventually make it right.




Here are links to a few of my published stories:







Writing, teaching, and fixing things are difficult crafts to master. Ron Yates has achieved some proficiency in all three. I’m glad he’s here to share his WTF knowledge.” Fletcher Reese Plambech